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The Mobile Messaging Advent Countdown - no. 5

To help you get ahead this Christmas period and ensure the success of your mobile messaging campaigns, we’re providing you with an array of top tips over the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas together. You can also follow us on Twitter for more hints and tips at

Behind door number five:

5. Personalise your texts

Use the mail merge feature and insert names, appointment times, sender names or other details for that extra special message.

  • Insert extra information or detail – Using a mail merge feature you can include specific detail in your bulk SMS message such as their name to tailor your message to each individual recipient. Additionally, you can add a Sender Name to your message, which can be the name of your company i.e. ‘Ace Accounts’ so that the customer knows who the message is coming from. This personalisation provides an increased sense of relevance to your customer and, in turn, increases the likelihood of a response. 
  • Include a call-to-action or prompt – This may be a Short Link which provides a gateway to your web page or buy a Dedicated Inbound Number (DIN) which provides you with a dedicated number that your message recipients can reply directly to. This provides peace of mind and convenience for your audience. Additionally, you could also use personalisation to increase the likelihood of your customer completing a post-purchase feedback form or similar data capture tool attached to your bulk SMS message. 
  • Think about your audience - Consider how your message will be received by your audience and ensure that the extra detail that you add in is simple. Personalisation of bulk SMS text messaging also has the added advantage of creating a sense of trust for the recipient; due to the specific information being communicated, rather than a generic message that targets all customers with the same approach. In general, if a retailer was to send a relevant message that had a use or a benefit tailored specifically to that individual, 14% of consumers said that it would enhance their loyalty with the brand, and a staggering 60% claimed that it would maintain their loyalty with the brand.

Join us next week for tip no.6 on mobile messaging – helping you to create stand-out bulk SMS messaging campaigns this festive season. In the meantime, you can enjoy a free trial or free online demo of Textlocal’s Messenger platform at