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The Mobile Messaging Advent Countdown - no. 6

To help you get ahead this Christmas period and ensure the success of your mobile messaging campaigns, we’re providing you with an array of top tips over the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas together – we’re over halfway there now! You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for more hints and tips.

Behind door number six:

6. Timing

Pick the time that you decide to text your customers carefully

  • Reach your customer at a time to suit them - Research tells us that the most appropriate time for a business to send a message is on a weekday. During the week, 13% of respondents to our research would welcome a message anytime, while 12% say that the most appropriate time to send a message is between 0700 – 0900, and a further 12% between 0900 – 1200. Over the weekend the most popular time to receive a message is between 1200 – 1500. Make the most of these times to gain the best return on your message.
  • Consider your business type - the nature of your business will also influence the best time to send a message to an opted-in recipient. Different sectors perform well with mobile messaging on a variety of days, and additionally, this can be true of a variety of seasons for some businesses. Plan clearly when you want to communicate with your target audience and measure the success of each campaign over a set time to improve future results. Mobile messaging, when utilised correctly, provides relevancy and immediacy that is unrivalled in terms of business conversion by any other channel.
  • Think about the frequency of your messages – over a quarter of businesses send a mobile message more than once a week to its opt-in database, 15.3% more than once a month and 10.4% once a month. It’s important to remember that as a business you are marketing to a person or company and not a mobile number – by taking in to consideration their needs and the likely frequency of their purchases, you will be able to tailor your messaging to match these and deliver the most relevant messaging.

Join us next week for tip no.7 on mobile messaging – helping you to create stand-out bulk SMS messaging campaigns this festive season. In the meantime, you can enjoy a free trial or free online demo of Textlocal’s Messenger platform at