The most effective B2B marketing tactic of 2016

As the year is starting to come to an end, and the christmas parties start to flow, I like to sit back and review where we’ve been for the year, as well as where things are going to go for 2016.

Here at Black Shirt Marketing we have a wide range of B2B clients that rely on us to make sure that their marketing is on the cutting edge at all times. No two campaigns are the same, as no two businesses are the same, however over the last half of 2015 I have started to see some trends across all of our clients which I predict will carry through into 2015.

And no it;s not a new social platform, or a new feature from Google Adwords (Although they have released some great ones recently. No. It’s actually the emergence of a technique that many B2B marketers cast aside 5-6 years ago proclaiming it was dead.

Yes that’s right, SEO is the future for B2B marketing in 2016.

This may shock many of you reading this, but it’s true. I never gave up on SEO and to this day have insisted that it becomes a staple in all our B2B marketing campaigns. However since about June this year the ROI for this service has steadily started climbing as we assigned a new attribution model.

You see, unlike many companies who use Last Click attribution to assign the credit, we swapped to a life cycle model which included a user’s behavior prior to purchase.

What we realised is that SEO is where most buying journeys begin. Even in the B2B space where LinkedIn has a huge pull, and advertising is working like gang busters, there are several things that no advertising method can ever replace that SEO gives to a business. These are…

Right Place At The Right Time

By having your business rank in Google for your service offering, you are right where your customers are looking, when they are looking. We discovered that this makes your customers associate that you are the one who can solve their problem from a position of authority, rather than as a hungry salesman chasing them for a commission.


Another thing that we realised is that B2B customers see businesses that rank in Google as being more credible and authoritative than those that don’t. This was evident by the close rations of SEO leads being far higher than those of any other form of marketing.

Social Proof

This plays off of the Credibility line a little, but our clients that rank well found that their leads had been conditioned to like them more before they even started the conversation. All we can derive from this is that people are starting to trust Google's opinion of a business much like that of a close friend. And it makes sense because in our personal lives we all turn to Google to solve problems which subconsciously builds a trusting connection with this computer algorithm.

What does this all mean?

Ultimately this means that from what we’ve seen, SEO is going to be the most effective B2B Marketing tactic in 2016. Sure there are other tactics that will work well also which I’ll cover in another post in the next few days, but none of them will deliver the quality of leads that SEO will.

If your business doesn’t currently have a B2B SEO strategy, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help out.