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The Most Important Elements Of An Engaging Corporate Video

Producing a quality and engaging corporate video is becoming a trend for many companies today. The videos are helping businesses to establish their brands in a fast moving corporate world. An engaging video can get the company’s message to more people, which can mean more profit for the company. A corporate video can be used to teach employees or offer investors updates about new products. However, certain elements are important to produce a high quality engaging corporate video. These elements can help create the appropriate message to reach the public, employees and investors.

To remain focused on the message, an engaging corporate video requires scripting and planning. Without a script, the video may veer away from the topic, which can be distracting to the viewers. The viewers or the audience should be engaged when watching the video. Therefore, the message in the script should be relevant to the audience. For instance, if the audience is the employees, the script should include only information that they need to know. It should not include other information that is not relevant to their needs. An effective video will allow the audience to clearly understand the message.

An engaging video should speak to each person. Even though thousands of people might see the corporate video, it should be created for each individual person to experience the information individually. One person can connect to a good and engaging video. Therefore, the speakers on the video should not be addressing everyone in the group, but they should be trying to connect with each person individually. The video should create an emotional connection with each person. When this is accomplished, each individual will become interested in the video’s information.

The script should be a narrative or story to engage the listeners. When the video tells a story, it can include graphics and examples to connect with the audience. A narrative will keep the audience’s attention when it is created to compel them to listen. As Rocky Heckman stated in his speech featured on the Hunting With Pixels blog, any effective video has to be about one message and a maximum of three ‘take away because our brain simply can’t process more.

Extra footage can be obtained during meetings or events that take place during the year. This footage can be included in the video to illustrate points or to create more visual interest in the message. This extra footage can keep the corporate video from becoming monotonous. A monotonous video can be boring to the viewers. For instance, when a speaker reads a script, the video can become monotonous. However, if a speaker speaks naturally, the video will be more interesting for the viewer. Many cinematographers will try to change the screen every few seconds to help engage the viewer and prevent the script from becoming monotonous and boring. In addition, the viewing angle or adding the extra footage can help keep the video engaging and interesting.

For a high quality corporate video, a company may want to seek assistance from a professional production company. A professional production company can help edit, add sound, repair errors and polish the video’s appearance.

A good corporate video is one that is short and to the point. For example, a video with a nine second introduction and a three minute story can engage the viewers quickly without losing their attention. The video will require you to think creatively to capture a long story in the short time, but the video will make a good impression on the viewers. For example, this video with Nicole Kidman for “Chanel” is short and to the point, but it still captures the audience’s attention. The video increases in intensity until it reaches its climax. The video has a strong beginning, a good middle and an engaging end.

A corporate engaged video must leave an immediate impression on the viewer. A good engaging video is one that is structured properly to highlight the importance of a character, product or message. The video should leave the viewer thinking about the message, and the video’s ending should encourage the viewer to do something. For example, a video might encourage a viewer to enter a contest or to buy a product.

To get started, think about the audience and the script. Then, you should get creative by using these elements to produce a quality and engaging corporate video to promote a message, a product or a company.