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The most indispensable lessons for social marketing success

The fiercest of business battles are being fought and won on the social networks that are now the hottest properties of the digital world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – these are a lot more than just social networks, but roads of success and generators of revenues for businesses! Viewership and usage of these social networks easily outnumbers the best returns of TVs most successful broadcast events. So, why not leverage the firepower that social media has in store and ride on the top tips of social media success?

The Right Post, at The Right Time – Formula For Success

It’s amazing how the timing of your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets can be the difference between decent views and mind-blowingly huge views! Of course, time zones will always mess things up, so it’s important that you target a broad geography with pretty much the same time zone. The smart tip – post your content just before or just after the hour, for instance, at times like 1:57, 2:04, 9:56, etc. The reason, you want to catch hold of eyeballs when people are really exposing their attention to be grasped. These are the times when office employees are awaiting the clocking of their lunch hour, daily office calls, and meetings, hence the tip! 

Know What’s Hot, and Forget What’s Not

Facebook is by far the most dynamic and quickly changing social media network of the present times, and that's obvious in how frequently changes are made to the general guidelines for promotional use of the your profiles. So, make it a point that you know all about the latest guidelines, so that you can use the platform to the best effect, and that without transgressing any guidelines. For instance, Facebook now allows 3rd party applications to be used for handling Facebook page promotions. Also, you can’t ask users to share your page to enter a promotional event, also Likes and Comments can be used. Also, the Like button can be used as a voting mechanism, as per latest guidelines. So, it’s clear how the changing guidelines can make or break your social marketing campaigns. 

Change is the ONLY smart assumption you can make

It’s surprising how short the lifecycles of technologies and related digital habits are. 5 years back, nobody imagines that smart phones would overshadow desktop browsing, and 3 years back nobody imagined that tablets would be the new laptops! Heidi Kalpak, who is Marketing coordinator  at A2b Fulfillment, believes that these technology shifts have direct impact on social media campaign designs. For instance, considering that more than 50% Facebook users browse their walls through their smartphones, it makes more sense for businesses to make their social posts mobile friendly. 

On Social Media, It’s The Survival of the Smartest

There are so many Facebook and Twitter hacks that you can benefit from, that’s its na├»ve of your social marketing manager to not invest serious time in leveraging them. Here’s an example tweet – ‘@SocialSuccess’ shares another rollicking post, check here @#$’. If you tweet a similar message from your Twitter account and expect your followers to clock on the pot link, you’re in for a shocker. That’s not going to happen, because only those Twitter users will see the post who are following you as well as SocialSuccess! How do you ensure that all your followers see the post? The simplest hack – put a period at the beginning of your post. So, the example tweet from above is changed to ‘.@SocialSuccess’ shares another rollicking post, check here @#$’. So, avoid making this most common Twitter mistake henceforth. 

Learn The Difference Between Social Marketing and Social Advertising

Imagine a friend who visits you twice a week, only to shamelessly try to sell you his new unused watch he picked up from the duty free shop. Chances are, that the ‘friend’ will fall out of your good books sooner than he/she’d want to think. In the same manner, businesses ought to realize that when they create social media pages, they can’t blatantly sell their products and services. After all, it’s a society that’s connected digitally, and it’s not cool to sell-sell-sell all the time. So, think on the lines of long term and emotionally connecting social media campaigns, wherein you can throw in the odd sales pitch every now and then. 

Social Marketing Can Make Or Break Your Business

So, you thought social marketing was all about low cost sales pitch broadcasting? Well, here’s a reality check – you will be ruthlessly put out of business if a user shares negative news about your brand! Several food businesses learnt their lessons the hard way. So, ensure that you have a team of social media and public relations wizards monitoring all your social pages for any ‘bad word’ and addressing customer complaints intelligently, so showcase your responsiveness as a brand. The gist of the story – social marketing is serious stuff, so invest time, efforts, and money, to get results.