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The Most Underused Telemarketing Practice


There are a lot of advice and lessons that you can hear from telemarketing experts(and it pays for you to know them all). One way or another, these can play a big role in your lead generation campaign. But of all these practices that you need to keep, there is one that a lot of marketers are guilty of under-utilizing: active listening. That is too bad, considering its impact on your marketing team’s ability to generate more sales leads.

No matter what industry you belong to, marketing medium used, or audience you wish to reach, listening to what your customers say is crucial. How would you know that to tell or offer your customers if you do not listen to their problems first? Experience has taught me that too many marketers are just too focused on reaching their B2B leads quota that they sacrifice quality listening time for the sake of selling whatever product or service they have.

If you think that you just need to monitor what people say in social networks is enough, then you are making one bad assumption. That is so not true at all. Active listening means anticipating what people say, identify the needs expressed, make the proper strategies to meet that need, and then go out announcing that you can solve that need.

It matters not where you do the announcing, whether you use telemarketing, email, or social media. What matters is that you know what is needed and that you can solve it.

That is how you actively listen (and that is how you will generate sales leads best).

This content is originally appeared at Callbox United Kingdom.