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Move quality content out the door (fast!) in 2015

As we dive head first into 2015, B2B Marketers throughout the UK will be focusing on driving engagement, leads and sales with their content & digital marketing strategies. And that means creating more quality, relevant content assets in order to drive those results. But when 30% of B2B Marketers cite ‘time and resource’ as their biggest challenge this year, one of the top issues with creating more content is having the resource to maintain high levels of content quality in the year ahead.

Hit the ground running in January with these top tips to help you get quality content out the door in 2015, maximise your current resource, and save you time in creating top-notch assets.  

1. Speak to people! Speak to your Sales team, your IT team and Finance – What are they reading about right now? What issues do they face? What issues or topics are their clients or prospects facing? You never know what golden nuggets you could uncover.

2. Ask for contributors to submit content that you share on their behalf – Maybe your sales managers could submit their top 10 motivating blogs, how about collaborating with key clients to co-create a content project?

3. Use Tools like Buzzsumo or Followerwonk to search for key content trends that relate to your industry. What ideas can you identify from the results?

4. Video is a quick and easy content asset to create in-house, and can drive some awesome results – 50% of those who view a b2b marketing video go on to make a purchase (what’s not to love with those odds!). Don’t forget to use your outtakes as bloopers too – humour is too rare in B2B media, so inject some fun and make the most of the engagement that follows!

5. Get recycling - You’ve heard this tip recycled (Doh!) again and again because it’s true! Repurpose older blog stats as an infographic or visual diagram. Consider translating a 5-page guide or ‘how-to’ into a digestible Slideshare presentation. Try to look at the content you’ve already produced for quick recyclable opportunities.

6. Don’t shy away from curating high-quality content. B2B marketers are time-poor souls - over half report to having responsibilities in 7 out of 10 extra areas of marketing! Content that recommends resources, tools, blogs, and websites is valued in the B2B community. Just remember to add extra-value by commenting on why you would recommend these sources.

Content marketing for the B2B industry in 2015 is all about creating timely and relevant content that speaks to your personas on a personal level. It’s also about getting as creative as possible and grabbing hold of every opportunity to be innovative – so make the most of it!

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