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Moving into Russia

Having supported a client's PR campaign in Russia from London for a while, we are now extending the support to work alongside a partner agency in the country.  We will manage the agency on behalf of the client to ensure consistency through the PR programme. 

It's down to a mutual understanding of what the client wants to achieve or indeed advising on what will work that builds a productive relationship in this case.  Information exchanges are key, but real communication is a two-way street in the selection process.

It's been interesting to see how the various agencies we have been approaching have responded. With a Russian speaker on our team we can converse easily, but assessing the empathy the agency has with what we need to achieve is still down to how the people at the agency actually respond. 

One team has been keen and efficient, another contact rather evasive as to how they actually might work with us, and another supremely confident in their ability but only want to work on a project basis.

PR is very much a people business, and I anticipate several more conversations are needed to come up with a truly workable solution.  Will keep you posted.