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Need More Sales Leads? Tap Referral Marketing

 Let us face it: no matter how extensive your lead generation campaign is, or how comprehensive your social media or telemarketing efforts are, you will not get that many sales leads as you would have liked. Talking to new customers, piquing their interest, convincing them to do business with you, etc. all these actions can be a very costly affair. If there is any way to reduce your expenditure and increase your chances of generating more business leads, then you would have jumped on it, right?

The good news: there is one. And you call that a referral.

Referral marketing works by having your current customers promote your business to those they know. Or, it could also work the other way around. Your current customers recommend you to those they know. Either way, it would be a winning arrangement. You get more business leads at lower costs. And since referrals are four times more likely to buy from you than those whom you advertise to out of the blue, it also saves you on marketing costs. The only thing you needed to do now is to make things work.

This is where choosing the right marketing medium comes into play. Appointment setting campaigns are dependent on clear communication between marketers and customers/referrers. It might be social media, e-mail, or even telemarketing. Ask them for their help. If they are happy with the service you have given them, then they will be more than willing to extend a hand. They will promote your business to those they know. As for those who come in through referrals, your job is to make sure you iron out the details clearly. Less ambiguity makes for faster understanding between you and B2B leads.

As the old saying goes, “ask and you shall receive”. Referral marketing only works if you make the effort and ask help from your customers. Take the chance, and you might be surprised at the results.

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