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New developments in French SEO

Small businesses probably have varied reactions to government initiatives at different times; inevitably, if a government bill is perceived as possibly helping them, it will be received more favourably than, for instance, an increase in the VAT rate.  It is probably refreshing (and possibly slightly amusing) for businesses that trade in France, and therefore require the services of a French SEO (search engine optimisation) team, to hear that the French Government is debating a bill to force internet giant Google to be fully transparent about its various algorithms and their impact on website rankings.

Whilst there may be some who argue that the EU brings in an additional layer of bureaucracy, it is likely that most businesses appreciate the point of individual regulatory bodies ensuring fair practice amongst the giants such as Google.  It is even possible that other countries will follow France’s lead, especially as the different countries could levy fines on Google and other search engines if they did not comply with the requirements.  As this article describes, the purpose of the bill is to ensure that any action which has the power to influence the global marketplace is applied fairly and without discrimination.  This will bring some comfort, especially to small businesses whose French SEO budget is limited, that they can be confident that their search engine marketing will be effective.

How will this affect French SEO?

As any French SEO company will be aware, new Google algorithms are ignored at one’s peril.  With some of the menagerie, such as Penguin and Panda, there was little publicity beforehand, with the result that several business websites were penalised with lower rankings on Google searches, without really knowing why.  A profession SEO company, such as French SEO Team, the trading name of Indigoextra Ltd., will keep abreast of any new developments, so that they can always provide up-to-date SEO consultation to their clients on how to benefit from the latest Google algorithm updates, however to a certain extent this has to be calculated from the end result, as Google currently keep their algorithm a closely guarded secret.

It is important to go further than mere compliance, however.  The emphasis, not just for French SEO, but for all multi-lingual SEO, has to be on quality, not quantity.  The previous blunderbuss/scattergun approach of making as many submissions or links as possible, regardless of quality or relevance is definitely no longer acceptable.  For internet marketing to be effective, the content has to be interesting, relevant, unique and well-written by a native speaker, so that some of the appalling examples of poor translation do not put off potential customers.

Effective French SEO

Sound keyword analysis is important before any SEO campaign is started. Businesses should understand which words or phrases their potential customers are using for their internet searches, so that they can be used sensibly on website pages and in SEO content.

n summary, for French SEO to be effective and achieve its purpose of seeing websites achieve higher page rankings, it has to be relevant, well-written and attractively presented.  Infographics, with original designs, each with a snippet of relevant information, have become an interesting and successful method of search engine marketing.  The website itself is also crucial; an attractive, easily-navigable website is essential, but even the best website needs solid SEO for it to reach those coveted high rankings.

About the Author

Martin Woods is the managing director of Indigoextra Ltd, a web design and internet marketing company, which trades under the name of French SEO Team in France.  He has always placed a very high emphasis on having an ethical approach in business and it means a great deal to him to have satisfied customers.

Martin has always had a keen interest in reading and playing board games, having designed and published some jointly with his wife, Allison, who is responsible for the web and graphic design aspect of their business.  Any other spare time is spent on joint activities with his two teenage sons.