New Study Answers Big Question: What is the Real ROI of Marketing Automation?

We still find ourselves in a time of economic upheaval. Pennies are being pinched and every department in an organization is being held increasingly more responsible for their cut of the revenue pie. This is especially true in marketing.

The marketing automation market is increasing in revenue because more and more companies are buying into the power of marketing automation for improving marketing's effectiveness and increasing sales revenues. But is the software living up to such hefty expectations?

The Pedowitz Group has recently partnered with the Lenskold Group on their 5th Annual B2B Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study. It is designed to capture the real-world experiences of marketing automation end users, examining how their performance has changed since implementing marketing automation.

Debbie Qaqish, Chief Revenue Marketing Officer at the Pedowitz Group says, “We will deliver insights into the key success drivers that make marketing automation more effective.”

I am very much looking forward to seeing this report. Over a year ago, I hosted a similar study, polling end users of marketing automation about what they wish they had asked their vendor before buying. The response was overwhelming, and I think the driving force behind that was that I talked to real people who were using the system daily. It wasn't a PR-driven case study that often skews reality. It sounds like the Lenskold Group and Pedowitz Group are taking a similar approach, and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Look for the survey to be published in late September. It can be found on both companies' websites. In addition, CRMSoftware.TV will be filming an exclusive sneak preview interview with Debbie Qaqish and Jim Lenskold, so keep your eyes open for that.