A New Year’s call to arms

I know this is unlikely to be the first thing you’ve read encouraging you to embrace the New Year and make changes to the ways in which you work. LinkedIn is awash with people sharing their clichéd commitments and encouraging you to do likewise.

However, and I’m aware of the irony here, I would like to encourage everyone in the B2B marketin gindustry to unite behind one collective New Year’s resolution designed to help create a much better environment in which to work in over the course of the coming 12 months.

Everyone needs to drop the jargon. It’s the feature of the marketing and business world that does itthe greatest disservice. The over-use of jargon and buzzwords and the mindless regurgitation of hollow clichés serve to undermine the thoughts being put forward.

Anyone looking to impress the people sitting at the top of the hierarchy – those holding the pursestrings and tickets to career advancement – should certainly avoid the clichéd nonsense that all too

often clutters professional discourse.

Though these are by no means confined to the marketing world, I, for one, would be happy to neveragain hear anyone say any of the following in 2015: 

• ‘Bandwidth’ (unless discussing broadband connections)

• ‘Ideation’

• ‘Blue sky’ (worst offender)

• ‘Thinking outside the box’

• ‘Touch base’

• ‘Learnings’

• ‘Freemium’

• ‘Helicopter view’

• ‘Low hanging fruit’

• ‘Let’s take this offline’ (when speaking face-to-face)

• ‘Top line’

• ‘In this digital world…’ (as an introduction to anything)

• ‘Buy-in’