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NEWS: Ed Balls Day to cost almost £1.2billion in loss of productivity

The chartered institute for work studies has estimated that this year’s holiday could cost employers £1.15 billion in loss of productivity.

In its fifth year, Ed Balls Day – the annual celebration of when ex-Labour Shadow Chancellor tweeted his own name – has eclipsed the in-work procrastination figures of Cyber Monday and is forecasted to exceed that of the World Cup Final by 2018.

The study found that during the holiday work lunches tended to last between 90 and 120 minutes enabling staff to ‘fully appreciate’ the traditional 12 hour pulled pork buffets – the dish Balls is alleged to have been shopping for as the event took place.

Nearly half of those surveyed admitted to planning to work the ‘bare minimum’ this Thursday, instead devoting time to searching social media sites for new Ed Balls Day-related content.

A separate survey by staffing firm Cotherburt & Co found that, among workers who plan to make Ed Balls face masks during work hours, 21 per cent plan to only spend up to 30 minutes doing so, though 43 per cent plan to spend over two hours, allowing time for selfies and lols.

As an unofficial good-will gesture to minimise the long-term damage to emplpoyee relations, many companies that monitor employees' online activities will give leeway, allowing designated time for cyber celebrations.