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NOVEMBER: B2B Marketing’s top five

November has been a busy month at B2B Marketing HQ. The beginning of the month kicked off with the ‘Content Avalanche’ conference, on 21 November we had the Awards gala and last week moved offices.

Now we are in the brand new B2B Marketing office it’s time to sit back reflect on this very busy month...

1. Awards winners
DNX scooped the coveted B2B Agency of the Year award at the annual B2B Awards.

Champagne corks were also popping for Tangerine B2B (PR Agency of the Year), Paul Higgins of Talk Talk (B2B Marketer of the Year), Mace (Marketing Team of the Year) and Micro Focus by True, which scooped the Grand Prix prize.

A full list of winners is available on the Awards microsite plus see if you can spot yourself in B2B Marketing's Facebook album

2. Top 60 B2B agencies
This month we also published The B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report, revealing the top 60 B2B agencies, fastest growing B2B agencies and a new addition to the report: Top B2B PR and telecoms agencies. Editor-in-chief, Joel Harrison, analysed the findings in this month's mag explaining: 'The good times have returned to the B2B agency sector in the last 12 months, with an average increase in gross income of a whopping 27 per cent.'

3.The gender pay gap in marketing is widening
New research has revealed the gender imbalance in marketing is worsening. In our November/December magazine I investigated why this was still happening and how we can stop this imbalance. It’s depressing that in 2013 we are still having this conversation. However, it’s vital these discussions continue and female marketers speak out in order for inequality to be highlighted and rectified in B2B marketing as well as across the entire business community.

Let us know about your views on gender inequality - have you witnessed it and how can we stop it in the future?

4. Secret ingredient to brand success
With 93 per cent of leaders in B2B Marketing’s recent B2B Leaders Report claiming an inability to measure ROI makes it harder to justify future investment in brand, we set out to discover what it was that IBM and Salesforce have done right, given they are regarded as the two most respected brands by these same leaders. Perhaps if marketers can agree what constitutes a strong brand, they can effectively make the case for investment.

5. Brands don’t know how to use social
The most viewed news item of  the month was an infographic that revealed two in three business people want a social relationship with B2B brands, yet 70 per cent of professionals don’t think B2B brands know how to communicate with them via social media. To view this infographic and find out more click here.