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Now is the time for DM

With our ever increasing obsession with cheaper digital channels, it’s fair to say great DM campaigns seem few and far between. But, let’s get one thing straight: DM isn’t dead and is still a great way to boost brand awareness. Plus, recent developments, including the impending Royal Mail privatisation and developments in 3D printing have the potential to boost this type of content.

But, why should DM still play a prominent role in your marketing?

1. It’s offline: It’s not new, shiny or cutting-edge. But this is precisely why marketers should embrace DM. Business professionals are overwhelmed with a storm of email broadcasts, linked tweets and webinars. Go back to basics. By taking your content offline you can communicate with your prospect in a ‘new’ refreshing way (away from their desktop, mobile or tablet.) By sending a DM marketers can step away from the online traffic and allow their brand a real chance of being heard. 

2. It’s creative: DM can be anything from a magazine to a cupcake. But being creative doesn’t mean having to splash on a complicated mailer, and keeping it simple can have great impact. Check out these two recent campaigns by Print Power UK and SolarWinds for inspiration.

3. It’s personal: How many marketing emails have you received today? And how many were relevant? The fast paced nature of digital can sometimes make content seem impersonal, because let’s face it, the point is to appeal to the masses. Here’s where big data can assist - by using your data efficiently you can target potential prospects with personalised mail. Rather than just sending 1,000 mailers into the unknown, choose a select audience where your mail will have maximum impact.

4. It's complementary: DM doesn’t have to be used in isolation. It can be part of a much larger marketing campaign, containing a call to action. This can be anything from asking the receiver to visit a microsite, scan a barcode or take part in a Twitter competition.

5. It's a reminder: It can be a reminder to potential customers to get in touch. Simple items such as a mug or notepad have the potential to become a permanent fixture in your prospects daily routine - reminding them to pick up the phone or ping you an email to find out more.