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Offering Incentives to Your Business Contacts Can Help Future Relations

When selling goods or services to a business, it may be in your best interest to continue building on that professional relationship. Individual consumers may purchase a product periodically, but business contracts have the possibility of generating a great deal of revenue in a short amount of time. If you can manage to develop a good relationship between the business client and your own, it could lead to additional sales in large quantities.

Free Promotional Goods

Many companies offer promotional goods to customers for free as a "thank you" for doing business with them. This could be virtually any product that has a practical use. You want the item to be usable by the business as often as possible in order to keep your brand fresh in memory. Offering products that are cheap and not common to daily activities may not have the desired affect of keeping your business memorable.

Follow Up Phone Calls

It's never a bad idea to call the client to follow up on previously purchased items or services. It provides the client with the opportunity to discuss problems or concerns while increasing the likelihood of continued interaction. In the event there are concerns, addressing them immediately denotes professionalism and can go a long way to providing world-class customer service. If your business acquires future products or services that may be beneficial to the business client based on past purchases, you can offer these in a phone call or email as a "special deal."

Business Conventions

Conventions can be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. This allows you to demonstrate new ideas and products to select business clients in a party-like atmosphere. Usually, this is done by renting a convention hall and inviting clients to visit while perhaps paying for the client's representative to travel. Reserving a yacht for the convention could provide the means to create a memorable experience while connecting with clients. It's common for companies to rent halls located in hotels or airports, but a corporate event held at sea could be a highlight that could be talked about for years to come.

Bulk Pricing Not Available to Individual Buyers

Some organizations offer bulk pricing schemes available only to business clients. For instance, a computer shop may offer discounted prices to a corporation purchasing 20 or more computer systems while offering full price to individuals. Since business clients may spend in larger amounts of money, purchases such as these could make a big difference in terms of monthly net income reports. Because of the amount of money that could be handed to your business from corporate clients, incentives and deals are easier to accommodate while still making enough to keep your business in operation.

If your business can attract large organizations to purchase goods regularly, you could find yourself in a very good financial position. Although individual sales can help keep the doors open, corporate accounts can do far more in terms of enhancing success. Take good care of your business clients and they may take good care of you.