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Online Voucher Codes: Guarantors For More Attention

The popularity of online voucher codes has exploded in recent years. More and more consumers are becoming concerned with saving money; while the credit crunch may not be biting as hard as it did directly after 2008, the financial landscape still looks uncertain to many. Accordingly, an increasing number of businesses are tumbling to the attention-boosting possibilities offered by virtual vouchers. Online voucher codes can be especially effective for small businesses that don't have a large advertising budget. Here are just a few ways in which online voucher codes can raise your profile. An article by

Mailing list opt-ins

Despite the rise of social networking platforms, email marketing is still a hugely powerful tool for generating interest and sales. Offering your prospective email recipients the opportunity to garner exclusive offers makes opting into your mailing list far more attractive. Email recipients are also more likely to be engaged and actively interested if they're given a reason to visit your site.

Social sharing

People love to share tips on great special offers with their friends and acquaintances. There are whole sites, communities, social networks and sub-networks dedicated to nothing more than sharing offers, coupons and online codes; you can harness all this attention for your own enterprise. Social sharing can be encouraged by rewarding people with voucher codes if they connect their social profiles to your site, and if they "like" or "follow" your social media accounts on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

You can further encourage sharing by incorporating your voucher codes into visual media, such as photos of your products, your premises and even local landmarks. (This last option also boosts your SEO, as Google and other search engines place more and more emphasis on local search results.)


Online voucher codes are an increasingly valuable SEO tool. With more consumers searching for voucher codes, offering them on your site helps potential customers to find you. By adding voucher codes, you're maximizing the number of hits to your site. As previously mentioned, voucher codes can improve your social media profile; this in turn can raise your page ranking and place your site higher in the search results, as search algorithms factor in data from social media.


Unless your site generates its revenue solely from page hits, attention is only part of the story. You need to convert that attention into store visits and sales. Voucher codes encourage visitors to make a purchase from your site, or to visit your bricks-and-mortar premises if you have a real-world store.