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Online vs Offline for B2B Marketers

What works for one company, however, may not work for another and as a marketer you have to find the right balance for the product or service that you’re offering. The way to do this is to test what works and identify what will convince your audience to buy into your company and service offering. 

For us, implementing marketing campaigns for the purpose of generating new business for a digital marketing agency means we have to prove our worth by practicing what we preach, especially as everything is online and therefore open for scrutiny by the entire world.  Our potential clients want to see that we are ranking well in search engine results, as SEO is one of the services that we offer, and that we’re ahead of the game in the fast-paced environment of the digital world.


As there are so many marketing opportunities online, it is easy to get confused and struggle to decide on what would be most beneficial for your business. The best way to start is to test, assess and move forward from there. Invest the time and budget to give you substantial results; enough to make an informed decision. That is what marketing is all about. Don’t just jump on the band wagon, and do what everyone else is doing, as that’s how you end up just carrying out marketing activity instead of truly marketing your business. All of our clients have a different objective and a different marketing plan, based on their overall business objectives, their budget and their target audience.


A large amount of B2B marketers don’t believe that Facebook is a good tool for them to use, possibly because they don’t really understand how it could benefit them or how best to use it. However, with the new Google Penguin updates, social engagement is becoming more and more important in relation to SERPs, and it may be beneficial to take another look at Facebook. There is more than one application for this vastly popular website, and B2B marketers may find value in testing it as a content platform for engagement and interaction with audiences who are interested in reading about your products or services, rather than trying to use it as B2C marketers would, such as offering instant voucher codes etc for customers. 


A lot of potential clients search for our key terms, and that’s how we generate leads. However, some companies that have already contacted us will search for these terms too,checking that we rank for these key terms so they can be sure that we stand behind our techniques and strategies that we would then carry through to their account. 


What is great about offline marketing now is that it can be brought online, in the sense that you can track the response rate through implementing certain calls to action. For example, implementing social media interactions through TV advertising or having unique URLs, phone tracking etc on offline adverts.

Measuring the success of both channels is essential in order to move your marketing in the right direction. There are numerous analytics tools that can be used to monitor website traffic and social media engagement for both online and offline campaigns, and it is vitally important for goals to be set up in order to see the response rate of all your marketing activity. 


Offline and online are fast becoming closely integrated, and it is no longer about using offline channels or online channels as separate entities, but combining the best of both to generate the best ROI for your business.