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OOH - The Forgotten Media

We are more adventurous and experimental when it comes to eating out, 74% of us will try something new and different*. This means that from cafes to hotels, pubs to theme parks, the out of home market (often referred to as OOH) offers an unrivalled experiential sampling and exposure opportunity for food and drink brands – but rarely is it viewed as such; it is in effect, the forgotten media channel.

Surely it’s the marketers dream? A space where you can position your brand in a relevant or aspirational setting, create an occasion or theatre around it and most importantly actually get your potential consumers to try, taste, feel and ‘experience’ your product for the first time when they are open to new things. Surely this is the ideal introduction to your brand, so much more engaging than even the most inspired print ad, TV ad or 48 sheet poster. As the Chinese proverb goes: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

As an agency specialising in food and drink out of home we’ve recognised the importance of this market and its exposure value for over twenty seven years. Yet still we find that big brands plough the vast majority of their marketing budget into consumer media leaving very little for OOH marketing. But in an age where the celeb chef is the new rock star, surely now is the time for the OOH market to take its rightful place at the media table?

We know from experience that out of home trial leads to retail sales for in-home consumption. But don’t take our word for it; our independent consumer research* shows that 76% of consumers have gone on to buy a product they have tried when eating out. That 63% of consumers actively seek to try new things that they might not risk buying in the supermarket when out of home and that crucially 76% of consumers agree that the setting in which they try a new product can strongly influence their perception of the brand.

Food for thought indeed!

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