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Operate beyond your corporate walls --- extending your CRM ecosystem

Think about where else your customer's information may exist.  For example, how can you put a customer's LinkedIn profile update or a "recent win" tweet to work inside your own company's ecosystem? The proliferation of social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn has changed the way that companies interact and engage with people such as prospects, customers, media, and industry.  

Integrating social media activity within your CRM hub can power wider communication.  Use those profile changes from LinkedIn to help you update an existing customer record, while the 5 minutes of extra browsing can help you enrich your CRM system with additional prospects, specific ideas for running a campaign to suit an industry making news, and much more.

Take advantage of the flow of the real-time information network that is Twitter to capture insightful comments & updates.  Build your own knowledge base, turn it into actionable items such as researching a new industry, maybe engaging in conversations for prospect insight & capture all that knowledge inside your own CRM ecosystem.

Finally, make your CRM strategy even more powerful & relevant to your organisation by using social-style interaction that allows employees to collaborate - in specific groups or one-on-one - within your CRM software hub, making business conversations concerning opportunities, leads and support cases more fluid and transparent.