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Optimize Your Social Presence On Linkedin For B2B Marketing

Especially for a B2B business, the social media is not a question of choice; you have to be on it. But which social network is best? It depends on what your line of business is. If you have contractors and wholesalers as your clients, then Twitter and Facebook are not for you; LinkedIn is. In this article, we’ll examine how you can grow your business with the help of this powerful network.

Create a profile

Your LinkedIn profile must be both professional and appealing.  It must basically contain your contact information, a summary that has many keywords and which is written in the first person and a headline that will stick in the memory. Videos that are related to your business and which place you in a flattering light can be added as well as your skills. If you have videos of a talk you gave, share them too. Add your skills and expertise, any exceptional work you have accomplished and prizes/awards won. The aim is to impress the people you want to connect with. If you have enough spare time your profile can be written and updated by yourself, otherwise have a person who fully represents your business to do the job.

Join groups

It is essential to join selected groups on LinkedIn. You can join as many as 50 groups though how many you join will depend on the nature and size of your business. You can offer your product/service to your group members, engage with them and convert them. Analyze the various groups you have opted for and check out their quality and worthiness before deciding which to devote more time to. Use keywords relevant to your business to look for groups to join. Group interaction will include commenting on pertinent posts, giving opinions on and sharing news of your industry.

Create your company page

Look up LinkedIn’s guide to company pages when you create your company page. It will give you terrific tips on what a company page should contain. Mainly, of course, you have to show yourself to be an authority in your type of business. The stuff you post on your page must interest people who are relevant to your business; then they will engage with you. You must get your employees on board and share your updates with this ‘social band’ of yours. Appropriate posts will get you more followers.

Make connections

Via your e-mail list and the social network, find some LinkedIn connections. Then research for people employed in businesses that are relevant to you and also individuals who would like to do business with you. On LinkedIn you’ll find professionals who want to engage with you. Make the connection using invitations and soon you’ll be linking with them in a meaningful way. Start conversing with them – without spamming – and in time you should start getting some business leads.


Ads on LinkedIn can be precious resources. Since they are targeted at people in specific jobs or businesses, they can be very useful in B2B enterprises. Ads on this network have, on the average, 0.1- 0.3 CTR (click-through-rate) – 60 per cent higher than ads on other social media. And better quality leads results in faster conversions. The cost for one lead is also 40 per cent lesser than those gotten by search advertising. LinkedIn ads being a bit complicated you may need some professional assistance to get the full advantage out of them. But it will be worth every penny!

Summing up

So, we have seen how LinkedIn – the rapidly growing platform – can help in giving your B2B marketing strategies a new direction. If you want to reap real benefits from the platform, grow your presence and engage with the right individuals. For this, I am sure, the above given tips in the article will help you see your business growing on the platform. All the very best!