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A Paradigm Shift in Business to Business Marketing

Though just about everyone enjoys the experience of driving away in a new car or truck, the actual purchase process is considered something of a hassle by many. This is especially true during the research phase of the purchase process, where potential car buyers have trouble browsing without attracting unwanted attention and high-pressure sales tactics. 

Of course, this is a static fact. It’s just the way the vehicle sales business model works. Fortunately, however, companies are beginning to step into the industry as a much-needed intermediary between the buyer and dealer. By using a comprehensive search-engine style website, companies can help connect the buyer with the seller, giving the buyer the opportunity to both find the exact vehicle they’re looking for and to get in contact with a reputable dealer.

I run in the UK and despite the proliferation of private sales websites like Craigslist, I can say with confidence that consumer demand for vehicles in the United Kingdom is immense and continuously rising, putting dealerships (and consequently in a strong position for the future. What’s more, there is a level of service, purchase security, and financing opportunities available with dealers that vehicle buyers simply can’t ignore when searching for a new vehicle. 

One tip I can give people looking to enter the online automotive market is to treat your relationships with the dealerships very seriously. We create great relationships by having no up-front fees or time-based contracts, and dealerships only pay-per-click so, when a targeted visitor is delivered from the website to their own website. This is something that people in any industry can learn from. Don’t accept money for what you are doing until you add value. So many companies have big talk about how much they will help the dealership, or any company they are working with, but don’t provide any value before accepting the check. Do things differently and people will notice and want to work with you. 

Initially, doing business this way might seem a little strange in an industry with a power-selling disposition. But having previously built a successful vehicle brokerage company with, I can contend that the more relaxed approach is beneficial for both parties. The lack of up-front costs continually attracts new dealerships to Netcars’ services. This, plus the fact that we place our dedicated traveling accounts team at the top of the priority list, put us right at the cutting edge in terms of vehicle sales intermediaries. 

Going forward, we look to use these innovative techniques in making a household brand. You can do this for your company too. When thinking about your next marketing move - think innovation. Don’t do what the other guys are doing, but instead do more.  

Louis Rix is the Marketing Director for one of the fastest growing Automotive sites in the UK.