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The perfect direct message

You can now send direct messages (DMs) to anyone on Twitter (as long as the user has opted-in that is.) The update opens up a new, private communication channel for brands wanting to connect with buyers on the otherwise open platform. This should be great news, but I’m sure many brands will quickly abuse this new power, so here’s how to write the perfect DM:

Don’t DM unannounced

If you want to private message someone do your research first. Reply to one of their tweets and start a conversation. This way they know who you are, and when you message them they will be more likely to reply. 

Be different

This is a private communication channel and therefore it’s personal, so be yourself and sign off with your name. We all receive an abundance of messages every day and it’s the person who says something different that stands out. This could be as simple as asking how their day has been.

Don’t share links to content

Don’t spam people with links or sales-y messages. Your latest infographic could well be useful to users but this isn’t the place for promotion – that’s what your Twitter feed is for. If they are interested they will hit the follow button.

The above are just three things to remember when writing a private message, there are tonnes more – let me know your top tips @jessica_mcgreal