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Plan to make 2016 your best sales year ever

The countdown to the New Year is well and truly on – are you ready to launch yourself into that first week with unyielding focus and determination?

Don't just take a leap of faith, the easiest way to get straight on track and to channel your energy in all the right places is to have a clear vision before you start.

2016 is your year!

Exactly what do you want to achieve in 2016? And what is going to help, or hinder you in reaching your objective?

All great things start from small beginnings, so once you have defined your overall objective it is time to plan out the steps you need to take to get there. This is the time to focus in and look at each month across the year to plan your attack. Then take it even further still and consider the week by week picture.

Be realistic

By getting some figures down and mapping out your targets in this way, you can also ensure that your objective is achievable. Setting unrealistic goals is simply setting yourself up for failure. You can be ambitious but crazy goals do not make you try harder, in fact they can be counter-productive. What motivates you more is achieving challenging goals and aims, not failing to reach impossible ones.

When you plan across the year, try and define any particular areas that may need extra attention and planning now to help you achieve your end objective. Things to ask yourself include:


- What resources are available? Do you have enough for what you want to achieve?

- What tools do you have and are they the right ones for the job?

- What investment is needed? Now is the time to plan where you need to invest more, or to think where you should move your investments to

- What new systems, technologies and innovations do you need to achieve your goals? Do you know what they are? What should you introduce?


Don’t make assumptions

A common pitfall to be aware of in all of your planning is to check whether you are making any assumptions. This is really important as it can undermine or even corrupt your forecasting if it is not recognised. You need to be basing your targets on verifiable information as much as you can. This will help ensure you are spending your time effectively, managing the task at hand not having to chase to respond to any changing variables.

In any areas where you have to make assumptions, try and make them as realistic as possible. Use your experiences from the past year, any definite changes you are aware of and collect any additional information you can that may help you.

The reassurance test

Once you have your plan together, socialising it by getting someone else to pressure test it is always a great exercise, as a fresh pair of eyes may spot things you have not. Often the more you think about something and the more you read it, the less you start to see.

Finally, check and check again. Sleep on it, reread it, visualise yourself getting started and make sure you feel ready and raring to go when you finally submit it and press GO.

This blog was originally posted on the Lead Forensic blog, to read the blog and download the Essential checklist for 2016 planning click here.