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The Power Of Emotional Lead Generation

To tell you the truth, in order for your business to effectively field the B2B leads that you are looking for, you have to go back to the very basics of marketing. And when I say the basics, I mean the fundamental factor that influences the mind of sales leads – the emotions. Yes, emotions can be a very powerful drive for business prospects. This is basically the core of all decisions made by the buyer. No matter how many numbers they crunch or they claim to base their decisions on, the fact remains that they still rely on their gut feelings.

Appealing to that gut feeling, to that emotion, can make appointment setting campaigns much more successful. Good examples of emotionally charged campaigns would be Subaru, Nike, Anheuser-Busch, and maybe the Anti-Defamation League (Yes, they may not be selling anything, but just for the sake of you getting the picture). If you look deeper into these promotions, you can see a lot of positive reaction from those who have seen it. And this is exactly the kind of reaction that lead generation firms want to have.

That is the power of emotions. When properly utilized, it compels the audience to move. No matter what your advertising medium is, be it social media, email, telemarketing, or plain TV commercials, appealing to sentiments can bring your company to different places. Being fun and goofy is good, sometimes, but nothing beats the appeal that a sentimental or emotional marketing campaign brings. You should try that.

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