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The power of local sponsorship.


An effective way of generating good publicity and creating goodwill is by sponsoring a local team, or event. Sponsorship...


An effective way of generating good publicity and creating goodwill is by sponsoring a local team, or event. Sponsorship is often believed to be exclusive to large businesses, however there are a variety of opportunities available for companies of all sizes. Some examples of this include sponsoring a local football team, government scheme, competition, an exhibition or a local initiative.

Sponsorship is mutually beneficial for each business involved. The sponsored company benefit financially from the services and funding provided by the sponsor. The sponsor can benefit in a plethora of ways. The return on investment for the sponsor won’t necessarily translate directly into financial gain. This should not detract from the power of sponsorship.

At Crown Oil, we have agreed to sponsor the shirts of Football League 2 side Rochdale AFC for the forthcoming 2013/14 season. As a business based in the Rochdale area, the sponsorship presents an opportunity for us to give something back to the local community, yet also create increased brand awareness in a local market and on a national scale.

Sponsorship delivers a number of showcasing opportunities within the media. As our logo will now adorn the Rochdale jerseys, any pictures of the team in action, whether that be in newspapers, magazines or online, will ensure national coverage for our brand. The same applies if any of the team’s fixtures are televised. Sky Sports currently has the rights to show Football League fixtures and aim to show each side at least once a season. This ensures our logo will achieve truly national coverage. Should Rochdale land one of the footballing giants in the FA Cup, like Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool, our logo is guaranteed be shown to millions of people worldwide. As we offer a nationwide service, the coverage of the logo could generate us a large volume of business by attracting those who were previously unaware of our products.

Locally, supporters of Rochdale will appreciate the companies’ choice to sponsor the team as they will be aware of the financial difficulties facing a club in the lower leagues. By committing to the team, we are showing our support to the cause and supporters will appreciate this. This generates a sense of goodwill towards the company. For any local businesses in Rochdale who are in need of oil and fuel services, our association with the beloved local club may inspire them to choose our products over those of a competitor. We also saw a major increase of support on our social media pages following the announcement of the sponsorship. Fans of the team are wanting to associate with our brand.

Please refer to the press release for more information about the deal