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The Power of SEO and Content Marketing

Within the last five years internet marketing trends have shifted and are beginning to change. SEO was the mysterious and hyped style of marketing that seemed to be efficient and everyone got on board to this method of promoting their site. Today, it is common to hear the phrase “content marketing” and it has become the reigning buzz phrase when dealing with advertising on the internet. Those who consider themselves to be SEO experts are altering their sales pitches to match the current promotion trend of content marketing. 

What is Content Marketing?

While it has been around for a while, some businesses are just getting on board to what content marketing really is. The goal of content marketing’s is to generate content that the public wants to read, while SEO targets to create content that gratifies search engines. They both have their place in building and promoting a great site, but they are vastly different. 

Retailers are turning to social medial sites like Pinterest to pump up their traffic numbers. In fact, the traffic that comes from social sites is exceeding anything that SEO could ever do. Bloggers and publishers alike have noticed these trends and are seeing the content marketing is really a great way to help build interest in a site in additional to SEO. The old adage that when one person likes something, they tell a friend, who tells a friend, is accurate. When someone sees something they like on a social site, they can share it with a friend, who then shares it with a friend. This is how businesses are gaining interest in their products and services. 

Because Google is getting more than one hundred billions searches on a monthly basis, SEO is important for any marketing campaign. However, one cannot deny that effectiveness of content marketing and how adding this to a marketing plan can be a win-win for the company. It is a fine balance to incorporate both SEO and content marketing into a marketing plan and make it effective.

Rules of SEO for Content Marketing

When utilizing both SEO and content marketing businesses need to create content that people want to share. Before writing or creating anything, do some research and don’t waste your time and effort on something that people are not interested about. For instance, right now self-sufficient living is huge and something that those on Pinterest and Face Book are all interested in. A company will generate buzz to their site by creating things that people are on these sites searching for. If people like the content, they will share. 

When writing something for the internet specific for a blog or a website, make sure to tell the people why you are doing what you are doing or why you are using this product. If you are making your own homemade laundry detergent, tell them why it is so great. Are you saving money, is it getting the clothes cleaner than before? Give them reasons why you do it so they will be enticed to do it as well. Make sure that the articles go along with the business theme. If the company is a casino, then marketing with zoo animals and animal rights probably isn’t going to be a winning campaign. Play around with both SEO and content marketing and see what people respond to and what they don’t. 

To have successful content marketing publications, you must rely greatly on social traffic for timely impressions. By combining both SEO and content marketing, it is a sure fire plan that has to work. 

Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on SEO,Content Marketing and other similar topics. He contributes regularly for search engine ranking optimization.