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The Power of Viral Marketing and how to use it in our business

Viral Marketing is a set of techniques that make use of online media such as social networks, among others, to achieve increased sales of products/services, or brand positioning thanks to the spread of the message or viral exponentially among stakeholders. The techniques involved to achieve viral marketing are diverse, however, have nothing to do with computer viruses, but they are called viral techniques relating to how prospects spread information of such products or  services or brands . It's more like what is known as traditional word of mouth but using electronic media. Doing it the right way you can reach a lot of people quickly. Considering that video and content are the main trends in marketing for 2014, it is important to get them right.

Viral marketing is handled through online campaigns. Usually makes use of Blogs, web Landing Pages, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter accounts, YouTube Videos, etc. The goal is to generate media coverage through high-impact issues or interest. The idea is that people will pass on and share interesting and entertaining content. Often this is done under the sponsorship of a brand or company that requires positioning a product or service to your target audience.

By using the Internet is possible to manage viral campaigns that are much cheaper and effective campaigns managed through other traditional means .

Examples of viral marketing are the famous for being shareable. A message is issued, typically through email or with publications in social networks, and it is intended that those who read it say it to others who in turn will tell others and so on.

Another technique is to create an incentive for the message that is passed from one person to another. This is known as Viral Encouragement. In this case there is some kind of reward that is provided when the person invites or advises another to go to visit and generate viral content.

Viral marketing is another technique used undercovered. In this case, it is not stated directly in the message what the brand or product is, but content is issued that impact those who are trying to imitate the propagation of the message. The viral message is presented as a page, activity, attractive or unusual news. The idea is that anyone who sees it believes it has made ​​an interesting discovery, spontaneous and informal and therefore wants to propagate the information.

The generation of a rumour makes many people interested in knowing about it. If this rumour creates controversy will then have a greater viral effect.

The ways in which it is possible to spread a message of Viral Marketing has multiple paths. From the traditional word of mouth said earlier on, to issuing bulk email newsletters, the use of instant messaging, micro-blogging, twitter short messages, etc.

To achieve success in viral marketing you should be creative and seek some controversy. Video is becoming specially important this year. Analyze the market and find out what the buzz is all about, that will help achieve the goal. The idea is to meet your needs and desires approaching it from your own perspective as a potential user of your products and services. You must emphasize the elements that differentiate you from your competitors.