Power your email marketing campaign with landing pages

You’re worked hard to put together the perfect email newsletter: you’ve imported your product information, written engaging copy, and have even included personalized offers. You’ve built your contact list and segmented recipients into the right groups. You’ve got your analytical tools handy, and are just itching to use them.

All that’s left is to press 'Send', right?

Not so fast.

One of the most important benefits of email marketing is that it enables you to manage the customer experience exactly like you want: you decide what photos to include, you decide what content is best for your customers (and leads!).

You can also send your customers exactly where you want to on your website by including links back to your website.

To get the most out of your newsletter, it’s not enough to link back to generic product pages - or even worse, simply to the homepage. This is especially true if customers have clinked on a link directly related to a specific product or offer: nothing will lose a customer’s attention faster than if she’s clicked on rebate offer and is sent immediately to a registration page with no mention at all of the offer.

Make Landing Pages

So what should you be doing? The same thing you’re already doing for your AdWords campaigns: creating landing pages.

Landing pages have been proven to increase conversion rates in comparison to non-specific pages. This is because you’ve already got a customer’s (or potential customer) attention. They’re interested in your company, your product, or both. Now you’ve got to turn that interest into action.

Landing Pages for Email Marketing

In the same way, once a customer has clicked on a link in your email, you know you’ve got them interested. You can leverage that interest into a conversion - a sale, a registration, or whatever - by creating landing pages for the appropriate links in your newsletter.

Landing pages allow you to present a consistent message to the customer, from the first thing they read (the subject line) to the last step before they register on your site.

It also allows you to control the visual experience and aesthetics of your email marketing campaign.

Did the customer click on a link that you embedded in a photo of your product? Then make sure that same photo greets them on the landing page!

Did you ask a question that piqued a customer’s interest - for example, “Want to discover how to reduce your costs by 10% overnight”? Then make sure you answer that question immediately on your landing page.

It’s Important - and it Works!

I know, I know. Building landing pages takes time, and you’ve got a million other things to do.

But if you’re not building landing pages that correspond to your email marketing campaigns - or at the very least, making sure that the links in your newsletters are sending customers exactly where they need to be - then you could be giving up on conversions that are there for the taking.

Think of landing pages the same way as email marketing: a little bit of effort today can save you a lot of time, and earn you a lot of new customers, tomorrow!