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Proactive customer experience management

It pays to please your customers. According to the Retail eyes report, 74% of customers would be prepared to pay more for a product if it came with better service. Data gathered through a voice of the customer platform gives a valuable insight into how customers feel about your service. For the most part, companies use focus on the data which tells them what they have done wrong or what their customers don’t like. But why wait to respond to Negative feedback? By focusing only on the negative, these companies are being reactive; fixing issues after they have affected the customer experience – incurring the risk of churn and cost of resolving issues.

So how do you become proactive? Circulating positive insight throughout the company can help to bring the customer into the minds of everyone in the business and motivate a customer centric culture. The same positive insight can also be used to guide best practice to best serve the customer. 

By combining with key operational data, the drivers of customer satisfaction can be identified and monitored. Using pattern matching, issues can be flagged before the impact the customer (For example, a delivery truck has broken down, so one is rerouted to cope with the loss). This can then be communicated to the customer in order to flag effort on the company’s part and reinforce the positive customer experience. 

Being proactive is the first step in the right direction; however it will only lead to becoming good at fixing problems. The ultimate goal for companies should be to learn from their customer insight in order to improve their processes to solve the cause of the problems and better serve their customers.