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Promoting Yourself Out There

If your business is about getting out there and meeting new clients, then you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd with your marketing material. Along with printed items, if you have stands at outside events, you also need a professional stand that helps to sell your product too. First impressions really do count.

Make Sure You Stand Out

Long gone are the days when an event stand could be worked around a papering table, some nice tablecloths and a big smile. If you want to impress potential new customers, you need to look professional in every way. However, you don't need to break the bank to come up with a coordinated offer - a few simple pieces can say just as much as a complex stage set.

Keeping It Simple

Promotional stands don't need to be complicated, they can be simply put together with a few coordinated items, held together by one key piece. This could be a a simple table, workstation or plinth, to put your paperwork on, or a counter to display your products in. Branded with your company name and details, this can then be replicated in other items, such as roller banners and literature stands or graphic display stands. If your stand is likely to be outside, then maybe a promotional tent is more appropriate, with some eye catching portable flags. It's worth paying the extra for good quality, hard wearing items that will withstand repeatedly being put up and down, and which can be utilised in your office or workplace too.

Creating A Big Impression

Sometimes, however, bigger really is better, and a modest display just won't cut it. If you need to be the centre of attention, then consider a bespoke stand, incorporating audio visual, counters and literature stands, with your product right at the heart of it. You can create a display combining both height and width, pulling together all aspects of your company. A good exhibition stand can leave a lasting impression on potential customers, as well as providing a suitable environment to promote your product.

Getting The Most From Your Stand

You should view your stand as an investment. Outside events are a big opportunity to raise your profile and sell your product, and to achieve this you need to support your ambition with professional displays. You can also reuse some of the items in other environments, or in your workspace. It's worth paying for hard wearing products that can stand the test of time and be used again and again.

Making Your Plans A Reality

A professional display requires planning, and it is worth carrying out some research to find an experienced and reliable company who can provide you with professional promotional material. They should be able to take your initial ideas and turn them into a reality, from design right through to installation if you are after a bespoke exhibition stand. Companies like Merit have a reputation for providing high quality promotional materials, from simple roller banner stands through to large bespoke exhibition stands, and taking them from initial ideas to completion in situ.

If your product is the best, it deserves Merit.

Malcolm is a freelance writer and business fanatic from Central London. Her passions are writing and online marketing.