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QR Codes; Notch Above The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

Among all the serious marketing strategies, social marketing is the one that attracts us the most. Now a days, the word social quickly prompt few words to our mind, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and a hundreds of other social networking websites that are even using us as their advertising agents without even making us conscious. Wisely said by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg;

‘The social version of anything is a lot more engaging, and will outperform non-social’

The idea of QR codes for the sake of cross promotional activities among businesses is not a yesterday’s creation. The concept is in use since 1990’s when smartphones were not even a warmly embraced gadget by the majority of the population. On the other hand, the marketers were more dependent upon the consumers in terms of a QR code reader app, which must be installed in every smartphone user or else the efforts of the marketer in generating various quick response codes for their products will all be in vain. This drawback was a setback to the cross promotion marketing via smartphones QR code apps.

However, this problem was soon eradicated when an epidemic of social media websites flooded the desktops, laptops and mobiles of almost every individual. Hence, marketers merged their coding strategy with an interesting tint of Facebook, exciting videos of YouTube, creative tweets of Twitter, professional networking of LinkedIn, and a lot more such sites that one way or the other linked up with being SOCIAL!

Many business firms have incorporated the idea of QR codes in their social media marketing to boost their advertising strategies, and gain maximum customer base. Now a days several IT development companies have cross promoted a number of local businesses using multiple advertising techniques, social media marketing being one of the flavors of the marketing strategies cocktail. An internet marketing specialist writes on, “A QR code app yields a lot more than a website link, and some codes even link you to the social media websites of your chosen product with a simple tap on your handheld device”. The social media marketing websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube further connect you with millions of other pages, tweets and related videos that may promote the cross promotional marketing among multiple local businesses thus, giving rise to a whole network of inter-connected alliances through a single platform.

Hence, all the profitable social media marketing strategies including quick response codes puts an end to the rivalry and paves the way for mutually beneficial atmosphere where the more the local businesses affiliate together, the more clientele base they achieve. And a larger shared customer base ultimately leads to a profitable network of alliances. Therefore, all the advertising tactics on e-platforms i.e., local, digital or social yield the following 3 objectives:

  1. 1.     Connecting Businesses
  2. 2.     Engaging Communities
  3. 3.     Rewarding Guests