Queen Kate Takes a Royal Approach to Client Service

In its latest print edition B2B Marketing challenged various respondents to answer the question “What would you change if you were royalty for the day”? The question as it was originally posted, and the various answers put forward, got me thinking – what would I change? So, having crowned myself Queen Kate for the day, I’d like to share my answers with you…

1. Step away from your email

My first action as monarch would be to get everyone in my kingdom to switch off their email and start talking to each other. I’m in no way against email, I can’t imagine how we ever did without it, but all too often it becomes more of a communication blocker than facilitator. Written communication does of course have its place, and records are important, but nothing beats a face to face conversation. In my kingdom we’d all talk to each other a lot more.

2. Take time to future gaze

We’re just all so busy aren’t we? No time to stop and smell the flowers, and certainly no time to really contemplate in detail what the future might hold. This is dangerous for all of us, but particularly those who, like me, work in a client service role. How can you properly meet your clients’ needs in the long-term if you haven’t taken time to prepare for the future? I’d change this by making future gazing compulsory. I’d ask all my subjects to think about each of their customers’ businesses. What will they be like in 5 years’ time? How can we align our plans with theirs? The ideal is to be a fly on the wall when they plan their business strategies, but as monarch I’ll simply insist I attend!

3. The all important role swap

Workplaces today are totally unrecognisable when compared to only a few years ago, yet much remains the same. Traditionally defined roles, and the natural divide between customers and suppliers, is one thing that hasn’t changed. My final act as monarch would be to be to introduce role swaps, allowing us all to experience life on the other side of the table. This will help us to understand the challenges faced by others in an entirely new way. It will also help people to be more empathetic with others. I’d extend it even further, encouraging swaps across teams and departments. We’d all come out of the experience with invaluable insight and be able to work better with each other as a result.

So that’s it. Having crowned myself Queen Kate for the day these are the things I’d change. It’s been fun!