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Questions About Your Content Marketing Blog

 Well, when writing a post you have to do exactly the same as you write in order to attract traffic to your new post and not simply let your imagination do the work.

Here you have all the keys to write content that impact!

The goal of your content

Before starting to write, you need to make you a target. Why are you writing this post? What are you looking to achieve? Obviously, you want to share something, either a personal or professional level, and certainly also want this content to reach as many users as possible, so you'll want to be shared. To summarize: what you want with your post is one or more reaction in readers and before you get to type should be very clear what they are.

The five unknowns

To design your plan of action for the new post, you have to answer these five major unknowns to be able to get the impact you want:

What is my post count?
What conclusions I want to leave in the reader after reading my post?
Who is the audience for my post?
How my post is positioned?
How is my post getting along?

Have you ever been in doubt? Read on! We'll detail one by one.

1 What is my post count?

As you are a good writer, you'll probably also love to talk. Thus, if a topic you'd really like to be able to write an entire book on it if need be. But in this case you only want to write a few hundred words, so it is very important that you organize well and do not beat around the bush at any time. Focus on the topic you want to try and raises the concepts of an orderly, never forget the main point of your post.

2 What conclusions I want to leave in the reader after reading my post?

To answer this question you will have to get inside the skin of your readers. Imagine the user who last visited your post wondering what it is you read this post, discusses what feelings and thoughts will have to finish reading it, what conclusions will... Focus on the answer... et voila.

3 Who is the audience for my post?

You know that in this life you cannot have everything, so the option of trying to reach everyone is not visible when you are writing. You must focus on a particular group and adapt the language and style of your post to such readers in particular. It is not the same as posting a blog about fashion, for example, a blog about law.

4 How my post is positioned?

To attract more visitors to your blog is essential that this appears in a good position in the results page of search engines. Think about how many times you've spent on the second page of results when doing a search. Your spare fingers to count, right? For the vast majority of users act just like you: staying with the pages at the top. That is the importance of SEO. To be able to investigate this point we recommend the following SEO manuals.

Of course, do not go now to put keywords to position every two sentences. You should always keep in mind that create content to be read by people, not robots search engines. But whenever you can include keywords in those elements that search engines take into account: the title, the first paragraph, subtitles, URL... Always write coherently, and do not forget the possible synonyms!

5 How is my post getting along?

This is the part where you have to remember the reaction that you want and, just in case, recycle in your content. Want to get feedback? Ask questions or come up with reflections on those who want to review. Want subscribers? Indicates users how to do and what advantages will. Want to see a particular product on your online store? Provide them the link they need.