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Questions To Ask When Buying Husqvarna Ride On Mowers Through eBay

You can find almost anything on eBay – and Husqvarna ride on mowers are no exception. Whilst you can occasionally find these machines brand new, they are generally in used condition. This is why it is essential that you ask some questions to determine whether the mower is a good buy or not. A seller’s rating can be quite valuable in determining their reliability and trust, but this does not mean that they are selling a quality machine.

How old is the mower? If the seller cannot tell you how old the machine is, you should definitely look elsewhere. Often, this is a result of the seller not being the original owner. Having a full and accurate history will help you determine whether to purchase or not.

Do you have the owner’s manual? You should never buy a mower without its owner’s manual. This document is vital for servicing and repair information. If you really like a particular machine but the seller doesn’t have the manual, check whether you can get one from the manufacturer prior to bidding.

Do you have a maintenance record? If the seller cannot tell you how often the mower has been serviced, when it was last serviced and what repairs or replacements have occurred, you should look elsewhere. For all you know, you are purchasing a machine that has been neglected.

How large is your yard? The larger the yard and the longer the ride on mower has been used on it, the more worn out it’s likely to be. This is a particularly important question if you are looking at a cheaper model, as they are not typically built to last more than a few years. You don’t want to purchase someone else’s problem.

Did you keep the mower indoors? Machines that have been stored outside, even under a cover, will usually have problems with rust. Be wary of photos showing a rust-free exterior if you know it has been stored outside – it could have been touched up with paint.

Does the mower have any of the following: belts or cables that are in poor condition; an engine that produces smoke when started; worn tires; loose blades; knocking or excessive vibration in the engine; a deck that is full of rust and dents; and shifting problems or gears that don’t work. Also ensure that the engine starts easily.

Do you have photos of the mower? Ensure that there are plenty of photos of the engine, the underside of the cutting deck, the blades and so on (rather than just a single photo of the entire machine). If possible, ask to view the model prior to placing a bid.

If you plan on purchasing a Husqvarna ride on mower through eBay, it is vital that you be on the lookout for potential scams. If you see one or more of the following in a listing, it’s likely to be a scam: the ad is a one-day-only sale; the ad asks you to contact the seller directly as opposed to bidding; the ad asks you to contact the seller through a non-eBay email address; the ad is listed as a private auction; or the seller is located overseas and claims to work for the brand.