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RE: branding

We’ve just come to the end of a pretty lengthy rebrand/website redesign project. There were ups and down along the way but, I think, we think it was all worth it.

The more eagle-eyed readers might have noted something slightly non-committal there. It’s not because I think we haven’t done a good job or because the end product isn’t a vast improvement on what was there before. It’s more because you never really know until everything is out there in the public domain. There exists a natural pre-launch apprehension.

Branding and websites are clearly very important aspects of 21st century business, and that’s regardless of your target market. This is why we have tried to ensure we’ve got both right. And I hope most people will recognise a vibrant new brand sitting alongside a vastly improved (and improving) online offer. But, as I said, the proof is in the pudding.

I’d be really interested to hear any of your feedback.

What does the new site do well?
What do you like?
And which areas could do with reappraisal?

*I did mention we’d worked pretty hard, right?