Relationships drive our business – kiss, kiss

Our motto at Omobono is that relationships drive business. So on Valentines Day what better subject to write about than clients we love?

Rather than name names, it’s easier to talk about the behaviours we love. Because they unite the clients we love.

Clients that say thank you is quite close to the top of my list. Clients that appreciate that it takes time and thought to come up with campaign ideas or to solve strategic problems. And that whilst technology can do many things it can’t make Sharepoint any better. Clients that appreciate that things take time and who are even more appreciative if they need you to you do it in less. Clients who value the input an agency can provide and don’t mind if you tell them what you honestly think.

I’m pleased to say that we’ve got lots of clients like that. And if you’re one, we’d like to talk to you.

And what do clients love? Well, from our discussions here with colleagues who have worked client side they’d put two things at the top of their love list. Doing what you say you’ll do (and being honest enough to say if you can’t). And going the extra mile – whether providing ideas that they hadn’t actually requested, or really digging into a subject in order to build your insight.

Anyone out there like to add to what makes a perfect client/agency relationship?