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Reliability damaging Blackberry credibility

In the October issue of B2B Marketing magazine, Maxine Marshall asked if Blackberry was losing its relevance to business users. And its performance this week certainly won’t be helping…

We are now in the third day of disruption to Blackberry’s services. And in an always available business world, it just isn’t good enough.

Blackberry’s lack of innovation, when compared to rivals Apple and Google, and its association with teenagers, have damaged its reputation in some circles. But if its users cannot rely on their phones being operational, they will soon start to flock to one of the alternatives eagerly waiting in the wings.

As developments such as cloud storage become the predominant area through which we organise our lives, reliability is going to become increasingly important. It is a key differentiator when making business decisions.

We need and expect certain standards of service as we come to rely on technology more and more. And Blackberry can ill afford a repeat of the problems its customers have experienced this week.


Is anyone experiencng these Blackberry issues? Would you consider switching to Apple or Android for your business needs?