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Right Selection of SEO Focus Keywords

Keywords play the role in providing visibility to a website. An excellent written content could elevate an online business' growth potential once these keywords are properly inserted in them, as crawling of Google spider is determined by the relevancy of the used terms with the commonly searched terms on Google search pane. This same goes with other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo.

But being smart is the key for an excellent content. It goes with the realization that content aren't just made like bowls to be filled with numerous keywords. Instead, content serve as a valuable resource to readers - to provide information that can answer common questions and address certain problems.

Long tail keywords is the latest trend in today's SEO content making, and you will more likely apply it to your every written post if you wish to rank better on the SERP. But prior to inserting keywords, there are certain things you have to consider first to achieve the desired optimization using them.

#1 Choose Searchable Keywords

It's been always and will be forever the major thing every content marketer has to consider – choosing of searchable keywords. Using Google Keyword Planner, you will obtain keyword ideas, of which terms are commonly searched on search engines. These are the terms, if not all, most businesses of the same niche are competing for. This planner provides data not only of the terms, but also their average monthly searches so that organic optimizers will get a clue of what terms would be best to compete for.


#2 Keyword Search Volume

Everyone will instantly opt for Keyword Planner to determine keywords search volume, but in some cases, the Google Trends may come very handy. Google Trends allows you to compare the search volume of two search terms relative to one another. 

You can test it out. Take one post that rank well for good terms. That one you have published, maybe a few months ago. Compare the keywords used in that post with the terms you wish to include for your next post. Using Google Trends, you will see the potential traffic these new keywords could have. This is also possible with long tail keywords.


#3 Check the Terms on Google

Now, you need a verification whether these keywords are the right terms you need to compete for. It will answer if whether or not the result that people desire goes similarly with your content. Type the terms on Google and check out the first two on the result page. Are those two content provide smilar character as yours? If they are, then the new terms you will be using for your next content are right for you. Further, this gives you a chance to see what other people type in when they make a search query. 

You will be publishing more engaging content in the future so it is inevitable to have some changes with your focus keywords later on. Nevertheless, these three tips could help you find the right terms for your optimization campaign.