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The Rise Of The Media Site

I’ve been an avid fan of blogging for years, and if you’ve followed much of my work then you’ll know that it’s been a very successful tactic. But the Internet is getting more competitive every day, my predictions are that within 5 years the average small business will be gone from the search results.


There are many reasons for this, but ultimately it’s got to do with the changes I’ve noticed since the last Penguin update in late 2014.


What I observed then is that larger sites, with more authority and more deep links are returning to the search results, while smaller sites are starting to struggle more than ever before for rankings.


So what can you do about it?


You can start a media site.


The concept of a media site is simple. You own your industry. You become the hub for content in your industry, and as a result you control the advertising space, giving you the ability to control your market share.


But what is a Media Site?


A great example is great4you. They combined several health, weight loss and eCommerce stores into the ‘go-to’ hub for all things in their industry. And although its only early days, I predict they’ll go on to do huge things.


While researching this morning I came across a post written by Gary Vaynerchuk that further supported this approach. For those of you who don’t know Gary, he is one of the worlds leading social media experts and owner of Vayner Media, a social media agency with over 400 employees.


He announced that Starbucks themselves are actually launching a media site to control the ‘coffee’ space.


So what’s the future of Media Sites?


Looking forward I see more and more large company’s launching this style of medium to capture and control their markets. And once they are established it will be harder than ever to penetrate into a new market.

How to launch a media site?


Essentially a media site is a blog on steroids. It is a hub for content around a particular industry or market rather than the business themselves.


To get started you need to commit to a structured content marketing & social media approach. You’ll need to produce 1-2 pieces of content a day, and amplify it through your networks to get readership.


Once your established, then invite experts in your market to come and post on the site. Not only will this help their SEO, but it gives you a scalable approach to rapidly growing your site.


How much should you budget for a Media Site?


This depends on if you’re going to do it in house or get a digital marketing agency to do it for you.


If you were looking in-house, I’d put a minimum of 1 person full time on the project if you’d like to see any form of results in the space of 12 months.


If however you’re going to get an agency to do it, then budget on at least 6-figures at the bottom end per annum.