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ROI Of Inbound Marketing - How Much Content Do You Need?

How much content should you produce to see ROI? At Strategic Internet Consulting, we ran a small experiment across a short time period to replicate content production equal to that which a business in the early adoption stages of an inbound marketing campaign could realistically achieve - with impressive results.

How Much Content Should I Produce To See A Positive Return?

As a B2B Digital Marketing Agency, clients from a wide range of industries frequently ask us this question. The answer impacts traffic, lead generation, authority as a niche thought leader and more, so to stakeholders it is integral to secure budget and future resource investment into the top of the funnel.

But what exact results can we expect from increased content production? What content should businesses be producing? How much and how frequently should it be published? What time and resource investments are required – and what return will be achieved?

Increasing organic visits by 20% and social visits by over 500% in four months

Assessing the inbound campaigns impact, 40 blogs in four months were produced, supported by social activity across multiple channels.

Conclusion: Was ROI achieved? Will the return continue?

For more in-depth information on what was achieved through this experiment, the extent of time invested, returning analytic achievements and the long-term value of leads generated, visit: