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The Science and Excitement of Selling — Five Reasons to Choose a Career in Marketing

Over the past decade or so, more and more people are choosing to pursue a marketing career and in many respects, it’s easy to see why. Traditionally, this line of work was concerned with print advertising, television commercials and direct paper mail. But today, the internet has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. 

Modern-day marketers have to manage social media accounts, try to increase their brand’s search engine visibility and target specific users through banner advertising. All the while, long-established forms of marketing remain perpetually important.

As a result, there’s no shortage of potential careers and ways to get into advertising. Since the demand for and number of marketing jobs in Scotland has increased in recent times, you may even consider moving up from England to following your career. But why would you want to pursue this kind of profession?

Freedom to be creative

Whether it’s writing press releases, posting social media updates, creating email newsletters or managing an online advertising campaign, nearly every aspect of today’s marketing landscape is incredibly creative. And with so many distribution channels and marketing platforms to promote and publicise on, marketers have to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions. There’s nothing like it.

Incredibly rewarding

The immediate, instantaneous nature of the internet means that people in marketing professions can see how their work is making a difference straight away. A popular website story could receive thousands of views while a pay-per-click advertisement might generate an impressive number of conversions. There’s also the opportunity to watch a brand’s identity and reputation grow online. Never before has it been so vital to establish a well-respected and positive standing, which can be achieved through a variety of marketing techniques.

Constantly changing

Speak to any marketing professional and they’ll tell you that this is a constantly evolving industry, which doesn’t like to stand still for a long period of time. What used to be a popular and successful marketing technique a year ago might be considered a waste of time today.

So every day is likely to be different and there will be little to no danger of getting bored at work. But to get the most out of this constantly changing environment, you’ll need to think on your feet and stay ahead of the game.

Transferable skills

From learning to work in a team to acquiring knowledge about technology and greater commercial awareness, a marketing career will give you a tremendous amount of new transferable skills.

Understanding the wants and needs of the client or the business itself is crucial and you’ll no doubt have to communicate with others to achieve these objectives.

Career progression

Owing to the fact that you can work for a client or agency, there are loads of opportunities to specialise, diversify or simply work your way up the marketing career ladder. After starting off as an assistant, you can then become a coordinator, perhaps a designer, manager or even a director.

On top of that, you could work for a variety of companies or institutions as well, including multinational corporations, non-profit organisations and public sector departments.

So if you’re a creative, hard-working and proud individual, who would like to work in an environment that is constantly changing environment, build an array of transferable skills and reach the highest level possible, a marketing career is the one for you.