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Search Marketing 2014: Comment Marketing rocks!

Every New Year there will always be trends to watch for. Women will crave for a new haircut and men go loco for newly-released gadgets. Everyone loves fad, trendy, novelty but no matter how many adjectives you add into this sentence it just says one thing, we always love what’s new and we usually go along with where the crowd is.

Even when it’s about Miley Cyrus ‘twerking’ dance move or her music video in her latest song ‘wrecking ball’, no matter how awkward they were, they’re still in.

Same thing with the Search Marketing; some had applied trendy strategies that would make them look cool and best to fit the top of the SERP rankings and some had not followed and made their own track. We don’t always have to embrace the latest rather choose what’s effective for our campaign.

With the consecutive release of Google algorithm updates, search engines were flooded with blogs telling tips and how to’s that would help recover the loss from the tragic changes that have marked an end of some website’s PR. These websites were penalized for their unhealthy SEO practices such as stuffing keywords and spamming.

So to avoid such negative reactions just like Miley had when she swings on that wrecking ball bare and naked, why don’t we dance like Madonna? Why not do the search marketing strategy without hurting Page rank? Why not create online publicity without being shut by your audience and garnering bad impression?

Here’s a secret: Leave some relevant comment in an authority site and let it do the magic.

Here are some tips on blog commenting that never lose the spotlight:

Show off some skin but always leave something behind

Don’t be that know-it-all person but rather give them the mystery effect by actively participating on blog discussions or don’t be the one who always raises the question because that would make you look dumb. Just be on the middle and always keep track of the conversation; the longer the better. This will create online exposure and will somehow become your stepping stone for gaining authority in the future. People will eventually know you, check out your website, your social media profile and start following.

Tailor your action

If you’re an SEO practitioner you probably heard about the website link juice. It’s one of the basics of the link building process, wherein you have to find a high PR website to comment on and you get to share its PR link juice. Easy, right? All you have to do is to make a compilation of good websites but be careful with partnering or it could ruin the whole thing. A bad neighborhood of links may affect your website page rank.

Please your audience

Don’t just do what you want, impress them. By giving relevant tips during the engagement, somehow you get to earn points when people like your comments. This also contributes to your website traffic. Here’s a print screen of Google analytics results to prove that this isn’t just predictions from the crystal ball.  

As you can see the blog comments from garnered 11 visits and that is just one blogging site. Believe it or not, blog commenting still rocks!

Original source here: Search Marketing 2014: Comment Marketing rocks!