The secret to successful marketing

Andrew Dalglish, director, Circle Research, uncovers the five ingredients for successful B2B marketing

What’s the secret to successful marketing? As part of the research underpinning the High Performance B2B Marketing report, we asked that very question – ‘What would you say are the key elements to successful B2B marketing?’. Respondents were given free rein to answer however they wanted, and an analysis of these responses reveals five themes.

First, marketing needs to have a strategic vision. It needs to be based on a clear understanding of its purpose and what it ultimately wants to achieve – its raison d’être. This vision serves three purposes. It acts as a beacon – if an activity, approach or message doesn’t align to the vision, then it shouldn’t happen. It’s a rallying cry to give the marketing team a sense of purpose and, if communicated well, a source of inspiration. And it’s a tool to build support for marketing from across the business by articulating the function’s benefit.

Second, the vision needs to be underpinned by a carefully crafted plan which details how exactly it’s going to be realised. This plan can’t simply be the product of the marketing team’s internal musings, but rather needs to be:

  • Aligned to the business’s wider business strategy and goals
  • Based on deep insights into customers – their motivations, needs and behaviours
  • Be formed around a clear value proposition.

Third, the right physical and human infrastructure needs to be put in place. The best laid plans are worthless unless they’re executed effectively and this requires a talented and motivated team, with the bandwidth and freedom to deliver. It also requires the right tools, especially marketing automation.

Fourth, the right tactical focus is needed. High-quality content is a must in this era of content-led marketing, and messaging needs to be consistent and spread across key touchpoints on the buying journey.

And finally, aligning marketing and sales is essential. Without a collaborative, mutually supportive relationship with sales, the fruits of marketing’s labour will rot on the vine. Aligning goals and agreeing handover processes is critical here.

So there we have it – these seem to be the five ingredients of successful marketing. How would you rate your marketing function in each?

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