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Selling In Malaysia Can Mess Up Your Lead Generation

Is selling more bad for lead generation? Some entrepreneurs in Malaysia may scoff at this idea. After all, when it comes to business growth, you need to make a profit out of your products and services. Is that not the main reason why you went into business? But selling, although is a necessity, may actually hold you back. There will be a point in your business life where you really have to take it slow, and learn that selling is not everything.Generating sales leads also matter, since this will get you the profits you seek. But really, what are the reasons that selling can mess up your B2B leads? 

  1. You just concentrate on selling – sure, it is good to make a profit, but if all you do is sell, then how will you be able to improve your relationship with clients. This is no longer about getting new customers. It is more about getting your customers to come back, which is more important.
  2. You just cannot say no – when your point is selling, you tend to accept whatever request that your prospects ask. This can-do attitude may work at the start, but it will grind you down. You might as well ask your telemarketing team to be more reserved in phone negotiations.
  3. You feel failure is not an option – selling equates to success. That is in the minds of many entrepreneurs. What they do not realize is that there is more to success than making a sale. How about getting a firm hold of the market, more repeat customers? These are success, too.

Keep these points in mind. That will help you in your appointment setting campaign in Malaysia's needs

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