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Send Emails at Weekends! Plus Nine Other Tips for Smart Targeting

Make sure your next marketing endeavour reaches its full potential with these essential tips for lead management and more, sourced from class-leading Modern Marketing Insights Charts from marketing automation expert Oracle Eloqua.


1. Send emails at weekends.

For the highest click-through rates, the weekend is officially the most effective time to send emails.

2. Get linked in to LinkedIn.

B2B companies garner 16 times more LinkedIn referrals than B2C referral traffic. So, B2B marketers, embrace LinkedIn; it's the perfect social media platform for lead generation.

3. Don't go writing-off email just yet.

While social media referral traffic continues to grow year-on-year, email remains a force to be reckoned with thanks to its still stellar open and click-through rates.

4. Personalise to mobilise!

Boost email opening rates by adding personalised subject lines – open rates increase by five times and click-through rates by nearly three and a half times.

5. Get dynamic with your content.

Savvy marketers know that serving up dynamically generated content to prospects can improve conversion rates by 50%.

6. You’ve been framed – there’s growing demand for video.

Traffic to online videos sites increased by 18% between October 2009 and the end of  2011. In December 2011 alone, each visitor viewed on average 137 videos!

7. Don't Pin(terest) all your hopes on Facebook or Twitter.

It may be a David facing-off two Goliaths but Pinterest generates equal (or more) social media traffic than either Facebook or Twitter.

8. Don't get left behind with your data cleaning . . .

. . . because other marketers are realising how damaging dirty data can be – and are now investing more in cleansing data than they are in lead nurturing and lead scoring.

9. Embrace marketing automation to boost your submissions threefold.

You snared the prospect's interest, but what about the rest of the process? Form submission volumes are boosted by nearly 300% when automated marketing processes are deployed compared to non-automated ones.

10. Seven is the magic number . . .

Aim for five to ten form fields – they have a large conversion rate: 40% of unique visitors in fact. Seven is best though, with nearly 50%.

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