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SEO and SEM: The Importance of an Integrated Strategy

With some experts insisting that SEO is dead, we look at why it and similar principles remain crucial as part of an integrated marketing campaign. 

If you listen to some scaremongers, the proliferation of content marketing has sounded the death knell for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is inaccurate; however, while it also betrays a lack of understand regarding the nature of SEO and its purpose.

After all, SEO is in fact a fluid and multifaceted art that is designed to promote the online visibility of your brand. This means that while the precise techniques used to enhance visibility may evolve over time, SEO will always be a seminal aspect of online marketing.

Why SEO and SEM rely on Integrated Strategies

The same applies to SEM, which follows the same principles but focuses on the optimisation of brands and businesses through social media. These techniques have been incorrectly derided in recent times, as concepts such as content marketing has gained credibility and driven the efforts of online marketers. The fact remains that if you want to promote your business and increase its online visibility, however, these individual practices need to be combined within a single, integrated strategy.

The trick is to learn the best applications for each element, and how they can be combined to create the maximum exposure for your business. In terms of best practice SEO, for example, you must focus on cultivating high quality and impactful copy that engages readers. This is the core principle of modern-day content marketing, and it relies on the development of relevant copy and a natural link profile.

With regards to SMO, this should be applied gradually as your brand develops a viable voice. This is central to the cultivation of a brand identity, and it relies primarily on the quality of interaction with customers through social channels. It is has also become an evolutionary and organic metric, which has grown beyond likes and follows and touched upon the direct interaction with customers.

The Final Word in Integrated Marketing Strategies

This is why real-time sites such as Twitter are imperative, as they provide a live connection to customers and a channel through which complaints and queries can be answered quickly. Above all else, SEM enables brands to optimise their website, social and external content so that they can be easily found and contacted through outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and YouTube. 

As these examples showcase, any successful online marketing campaign must rely on an integrated strategy. This includes the core elements of SEO, SEM and content marketing, which contribute towards the cultivation of a high quality, relevant and ultimately visible website. Going forward, brands will also need to be aware of entities such as app store optimisation, which is the latest evoution of SEM and  enables brands to reach mobile consumers in real-time.

Image: - Pixabay