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Is SEO the only answer?

No SEO no gobbledegook.
Most of us have come to terms with living under the huge all pervading shadow of Google and its complex algorithms that decide how easily a web site can be found against various search terms.
However, I’ve noticed more and more sites at the top of page 1 (certainly in Omnisity’s chosen space) that have two common attributes:
Firstly, a confusing and ‘down market’ design (Yes I know it’s a huge value judgement, but I thought it sounded better than ‘cheap looking’) with too many words on the home page to be inviting to read.
Secondly, when I do try to read the copy I find it difficult to understand where it is being pitched and, at times, what is being sold.
With a bit more investigation I found the companies to be much smaller than I expected given their Google ranking.
It wasn’t until I spoke to our in house SEO specialist, who seemed to regard the sites as shining examples of what SEO can achieve if you are single minded about it, that I understood that both design and content ‘should’ be secondary to SEO multiple keyword and deep linked ‘info’ pages if one wanted to hit top spot.
Whilst we definitely want to be found by prospective customers, I struggle to see the point of sacrificing both design and clarity/simplicity of content.
Is this a case where it’s better not to be number one?
For us I am sure that’s the case, and I’m left wondering whether SEO will go the same way as motivational research in the 50’s and 60’s.
We shall have to wait and see…………………………………………………….