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SEO Strategies for This Holiday Season: What to Leverage?

November and December are two of the most favorite months of the year. Of course, not only among children and teens who love the idea of making snowmen and christmas trees, but also among marketers as these months are customarily a time for sharing gifts, feasts, and any other activities related to buy-and-purchase. 

Markets are usually flooded by customers and even the internet at this time is most used to seek for a valuable holiday information. Marketers, in order to make the most out of this season, have to leverage the right methods that will effectively win the favor of their target audience. 

The following information are based on last year's facts and assessment of marketers who have acquired a good business sale in 2013 holiday season. You might say the previous year is different, but you might consider analyzing what this information states about. You might dog-earned an idea on how will you arrive at the best SEO strategies for this holiday season. All it takes is right weighing of whether they are good for your business or not.


3 Predictions for Effective Holiday SEO Strategy


1. Most Campaigns on Facebook

One survey proclaimed that marketers that marketers will run more campaigns via organic Facebook other than Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channels. According to the National Retail Federation, about 48% will conduct online searches when gift shopping; with almost 11% using Facebook.


Facebook Strategy:

Facebook is one of the most active social media networks today and its level of activeness will more likely increase when Christmas arrives. Now is the most ideal time to be very active on FB by creating your business FB page and posting engaging product announcement that will lead to the accumulation of hundreds of likes and comments. You may also use your personal profile on Facebook to deepen business relationships.


2. Email Marketing Guarantee Leads 

The second prediction states that email marketing will be the center of holiday marketing campaigns. According to it, the 91% of the total number of marketers around the world are using email marketing. Meanwhile, customers are influenced to make an action from a received email from a retailer.


Email Marketing Strategy:

Make sure to make it easy for the customers to subscribe by posting a signup form on your homepage, Facebook page, blog, and other landing pages where your customers are active. Be brief in telling them what they should expect from your offers. Be a good welcome greeter in reminding them why they're on your list. When the first impression is established, you may send a special offer or exclusive content, as a simple gratitude for their loyalty. Provide a compelling design, and make sure to make it scannable.


3. Free Shipping's Performance Decrements

Last 2013, most digital marketers have opted for free shipping as the most effective marketing leg for a business growth. Sadly, the survey noted that free shipping performance will likely decrease by this holiday season.


The Bloomer

But ecoupons are introduced instead. They are not new, but they will be a hit. The survey added that 31% of marketers' overall number are planning to feature daily deals in their campaigns.



Three predictions for this coming holiday season – have you thought which sounds best? The success of digital marketers always depend on what strategies they have leveraged during their campaign. So weigh your options and choose the best.