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Should You Buy B2B Business Gifts?

Networking is one of the key buzzwords when it comes to businesses and marketing, and rightly so. Networking is key to the strategy of any business, and it can make the difference to bringing in or losing a deal further down the line. But, after a networking event, should you offer a gift, or should you offer one to close out the year? In addition, what about your employees who are working hard each and every day? Here, we take a look at when it is and isn’t appropriate.

Your Employees

As was mentioned above, your employees deserve a little treat. Whether or not you see it all the time, they are the ones fighting for your business on the front line, so once a year they deserve a treat.

What form this takes is entirely up to you. Some businesses decide that a gift isn’t appropriate and throw a party instead, while others offer a small token of their appreciation. If you opt for a gift, ensure it is appropriate. For example, no employee wants a company branded stress ball. If anything, you’re only showing them that the next period is going to be incredibly stressful.

People at Events                                              

If you’re heading to a networking or marketing event that you’re hosting then a B2B gift seems like a great idea. However, if you offer one to all participants then you’re looking at a significant outlay for your business, and an outlay to people you may never see again. Instead, in this instance, it is probably wise to offer a small corporate gift bag or spending the money on a guest speaker.

The Turn of the Year

However, at the turn of the year, if you have relationships with business partners and other businesses that you regularly maintain, then a B2B gift is probably appropriate. But again, this is only the case if it is appropriate. Something simple like a branded miniature is a good option as a small token of your appreciation. However, to ensure you’re not wasting budgets, ensure that it is something your associates will definitely use. For example, it’s probably unlikely they’ll want your branded calendar.

To conclude, in the right context, a B2B gift can be a great idea. Your employees deserve a gift, whether you do it as a party or a formal gift and, for business partners, it can be effective, you just have to ensure that it is appropriate for the person or the occasion.